Hello, my name is Belen Rodriguez, and I started The Long Run in 6th grade as a way to help people learn tips and tricks to effective studying habits and to help students reduce stress when studying. It has been a joy to know that I have had the ability to help others and I am excited for the future of The Long Run.

Why I Started The Long Run

I started The Long Run because I know what it feels like to not understand a subject. During Covid I had a hard time with school because I didn’t know how to study. I would always just listen to the teacher and memorize the things that they might have said. But during Covid since we didn’t have a teacher to really listen to, my grades went down. I remember being really stressed during this time and not knowing what to do. But I learned how to study through different methods and I started to do things that helped with my stress. Things like dancing and going on runs or walks really seemed to calm me down and make me feel happy. Since I know that there are most likely other middle schoolers that have gone through the same thing as me, I would love to help people by providing them with information on how to study and how to deal with stress.

My Mission

My mission is to help middle school students find good ways to study, and to provide healthy ways to deal with stress. I want to help middle school students feel less stressed when doing homework, and feel confident when turning in work. I want middle school students have a good mental health space and and more confidence in themselves when it comes to school work and tests.