Future Plans

Taking it to the Next Level

My initial goal for The Long Run is to introduce the website/program to my school. In addition, I would start the official process of creating a club for The Long Run at my school. A final step for the initial test run would be to ask the guidance counselors if The Long Run could be talked about with students during our Resource course.

School Club

I would like to start a homework club next year at my school. But unlike all of the other homework clubs at my school, The Long Run would introduce different studying techniques and highlight a different resources at each meeting that could help people with homework.


In addition to the club, I would also add a ‘Members Only’ restricted access to this website and make a page for the club. The page would be about things that we would go over during the club and fun things that we do during breaks.

I would also try to expand The Long Run through social media. I could make an instagram page full of different ways to calm down during stressful times and how to put positive energy into your body. The page would be a safe space for all and would be full of kind and optimistic messages.